Partners in Education (P.I.E.)


It is the belief of the Athena Elementary School Partners In Education that the importance of community involvement in the education of their children cannot be overlooked.  It is the purpose of Partners In Education to promote the partnership between the school and the home for the benefit of students, parents, teachers and community.  Through this partnership it will be possible to enhance the learning opportunities and instructional materials available to the students of Athena Elementary.


P.I.E. will establish and coordinate volunteer programs to promote numerous opportunities for volunteers to become directly involved in the classroom and school.

Parents will be invited to become a part of the decision making process by volunteering through P.I.E. and participating in the Athena Elementary Site Council.

Volunteers will seek funds through donations, grants, gifts, and by various fund raising events, to provide enhancement of learning opportunities and increase the instructional materials available to students at Athena Elementary.

There are many opportunities throughout the school year to volunteer. There are volunteer opportunities held at the school, some during the day, some at night. There are volunteer opportunities that can be completed at your home. Some are for the entire school year; some are just a specific day or time period. Once the event is over, your commitment is over. Please look over the following and volunteer for what you can. Your participation is needed to be able to have a fun and enjoyable year for our children. You will find a complete list of committee chairpersons and their contact information in our 'PIE Contacts'.

A "PIE Volunteer Opportunity Form" (PDF) was sent home with your child at the beginning of the school to sign up to help with activities. Although you are not required to fill out and submit the form, PIE frequently asks for additional volunteers throughout the year, so feel free to step in at any point. If you have previously sent in your form, the appropriate person will contact you at the appropriate time. Thank you in advance for your support!

P.I.E. Officers

The following is a brief description of the different board positions and what is required of each position, although the board does work together as a group. Officers are elected at the first meeting of the year and serve until the following September.

  • President: contact person of PIE for parents and Athena Elementary administration; organizes and presides over monthly meetings, delegates leadership of activities to ensure success; signatory on PIE general account.
  • Vice-President: contact person for committees; assists president; presides over PIE matters when the president is not able to.
  • Treasurer: monitors PIE finances; writes checks; makes deposits; prepares financial statement for the monthly PIE meetings; prepares the budget for the following school year; signatory on PIE general account.
  • Secretary: keeps minutes of monthly meetings and types up meeting minutes to keep in logbook, writes thank you notes; send out cards for different occasions

Current P.I.E. Officers

President Stephanie Partida 541-215-5051
Vice President Jenni Sarmiento (5)41-612-2725
Treasurer Darlene Wilson 541-310-1310
Secretary Macy Rawlins 406-224-7796