Attention Parents: Inclement Weather Bus Schedule

Snow Plow

Athena-Weston School District bus routes cover approximately 420 miles per day. The longest two bus routes are each 90 miles round trip and cover the mountain and upper river. These routes may be impacted due to drifting snow, freezing rain, flooding or plowing schedules.

In considering school late start schedules and school closure decisions, we spend time researching the weather patterns and forecasts which impact bus routes and safe driving for all. In some situations, only certain routes are impacted. The district will consider each route and if it is determined that specific routes are not accessible by our school buses, those routes will be canceled for the day. Students on the identified routes will be excused from school on days when routes are impacted. Families may elect to transport their children on route cancellation days.

Please note that the Inclement Weather Bus Schedules will be identified when delays/closures are posted on our website and district message phone system.

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